Welcome to BONVU.COM

International shipping from USA to your doorstep!

We are an international package forwarding service that enables you as an individual or small business to buy in the United States and receive your items safely and quickly in your country - anywhere in the world.


Our international package forwarding service includes:

  • International shipping from "US shipping only" sellers to you
  • Repackaging items (if needed) to ensure safe arrival and lower shipping cost
  • Consolidating several packages to reduce shipping cost
  • Large international shipping rate discounts from carriers (average 65% UPS and FEDEX discounts, 60% DHL discount, USPS). Use our Shipping Calculator to view rates.
  • Shipment insurance
  • Item storage
  • Payment via Euro bank transfer, credit card & PayPal


Additional services:

  • Making payment to the seller on your behalf. See International Shopping Service page.
  • Inspecting your items (pictures, etc.)
  • Order Fulfillment / Warehousing
  • Ocean or Air Freight forwarding (for large/heavy items)
  • Pickup Service for direct shipping of large shipments. See Special Services page.



Order fulfillment & warehousing: We offer logistical solutions for sellers looking to distribute their products in the US. We offer storage, order processing, packaging (pick&pack), shipping to individual US or international customers, customer service, handling of returns and more!
Please find additional information under Special Services.


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  • You shop online in USA.
  • You have the items shipped to BONVU.COM.
  • You select when & how the items are shipped to you.
  • The items arrive at your door.