BONVU FAQs - How does Bonvu work? - What is Bonvu?

What is BONVU.COM?

BONVU.COM is an internet based shipment consolidation and forwarding service which also offers many other logistical services. It enables shopping in the US for people anywhere in the world. BONVU.COM handles the consolidation of shipments by unpacking and repacking them. It also offers a variety of additional services such as item inspection, item storage, shipment insurance, shipping and customs formalities required by the destination country, payment processing, foreign currency transactions and more.

How does BONVU.COM work?

To use BONVU.COM the following steps are necessary:

  • Use regular means to purchase your items. For example EBAY.

  • Specify BONVU.COM’s address as the “Ship To” address for the product

  • Log on to BONVU.COM and provide the Shipment Info in the “My Account” section

  • Specify the type of services you would like

  • Once ready to receive the consolidated shipment, just log on again and select the items you would like to have shipped

What can I save by using BONVU.COM?

The amount of savings you can achieve by using BONVU.COM depends on the number of shipments you are consolidating and the shipping service you select. If you only have one item, there may not be any savings. The more items you consolidate, the more you will save. Standard shipping rates from providers such as DHL, UPS and FedEx are discounted over 60% for international shipments! In addition, there are many advantages such as appropriate customs documents, shipment insurance, shipment inspection, storage, payment support, etc.

Can I use BONVU.COM if the seller doesn’t want to ship overseas?

Absolutely. This is very common.
Many sellers on EBAY and other sites are only shipping within their home country or region. In that case, the BONVU.COM service enables overseas customers to purchase the items anyways. BONVU.COM even offers a purchasing service in case the seller requires a domestic form of payment (credit card, check, etc.). Details can be found under International Shopping Service.

Can BONVU.COM help me with payment for items I want to buy?

Many sellers don’t accept credit cards from overseas. Also, PayPal is a common way to pay. Direct bank transfers are not common. BONVU.COM can assist you in paying for your items: Details can be found under International Shopping Service.

How can I pay for items I buy in the United States?

That depends on the seller. Many sellers accept credit cards from overseas. Many accept PayPal. Some will require a domestic form of payment. If you can’t pay the seller directly, BONVU can take care of it for you: Details can be found under International Shopping Service.