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This shipping calculator is designed to help determine shipping rates from BONVU to your doorsteps. Shipping rates and associated costs such as fuel surcharge or remote location fees are subject to change. The resulting cost can therefore not be guaranteed.

Shipping from:
At this time, only shipping rates from BONVU.COM are provided. ***Keep in mind, the shipping rates from other US locations to an international destination will be the same or very similar to the shipping rates from BONVU.COM.

Shipping to:
Enter the country, postal code and city that the shipment will be sent to.

Number of boxes:
Please enter the number of boxes. For shipments that have over 6 boxes, please email for a shipping quote.

Dimensions & Weight:
Dimensions can be entered in "in" or "cm". Weight can be entered in "lbs" or "kg". For DHL, FEDEX and UPS, billable weight is the greater of dimensional weight or actual weight. To calculate dimensional weight for international shipments, it is the length x width x height / 139.

Total value (insurance):
Please enter the value of your shipment. This number will be used to add the required insurance fees to cover the shipment value.

Shipping rates & carriers:
BONVU.COM receives large discounts from the carriers and we pass these discounts onto our customers. Our international shipping rates include approximately a 65% discount for UPS and FEDEX and 60% discount for DHL services off the published rates. Exact discount depends on shipment size, weight and destination. .

Other Costs: 
Other costs associated with our international forwarding and shipping service include our per incoming shipment service fee (no registration or monthly fees) and possible Customs import tax or duty. If Customs import tax or duty are collected, they will be paid when the shipment arrives at the recipients door with DHL, FEDEX or UPS. For USPS (US Post), if there is tax/duty, it will most likely need to be paid at the recipients local post office before receiving the shipment.