BONVU Reviews - What our clients say about us

What our clients say about us
We are working hard to continuously improve our service. Please let us know your feedback and comments about our service and how you like it. Below, please find a short selection of comments from our long list of satisfied customers.

  • Good Day dear Bonvu Team,
    Last week, I initiated a shipment to Germany through your service. I didn’t know about your service up until now so naturally I was quite concerned about using you. After you confirmed receipt of the shipment at your warehouse, I was relieved. Now the item is already here in Germany and what can I say? You guys are great! Kudos to all of you – I didn’t expect such an easy, fast, simple and most of all inexpensive process. I am very much impressed. I will recommend your service amongst my friends 100%. I hope you will have many new customers!
    Thank you again for the great service,
    Greetings from sunny (for a change) Germany,


  • Thank you for the flawless and fast service!
    Will certainly recommend to others!
    Many thanks


  • Hello, The shipment just arrived and I want to thank you for the excellent service and the sensationally short delivery time.
    If only other companies would stand by their offerings and promises like BONVU.COM.I will definitely use your services again.
    Many thanks and bye,


  • Thanks again for your amazing service!
    best regards


  • hello again
    all items did arrive perfect – i’m looking forward to next time
    thanks for your great support


  • Hi, thank you very very much, thats the best service i ever had.
    Best regards

    Peter Paul

  • Hallo, everything worked out perfect.
    Thank you.


  • Hello, I got today the two packets. All was great, very good packing, very good service!
    Have a nice day!
    Thank you!
    Best Regards from Germany


  • Hello,
    Thank you very much. Great Company. I will tell everybody from your site. Big effort. Looking forward to monday when I will receive the Tracking numbers. If you have any question let me know. If not, good luck for the future and I hope we will work together again.
    Best regards


  • I find your service fantastic and I have recommended you to several of my friends.
    Thank you.
    Best regards from Germany


  • You are doing a great job and I will choose your service in the future. I have compare your service with the others in the internet and you are cheap. The fee is absolutely ok and your service is very good. You are very fast with your email response.
    Best regards


  • Hi everybody,
    I am adding the following to this post:
    My name is Michael from Lindenberg.
    I have bid on and won a large Endoscopy Cart in the USA for my wife. I was greatly supported by the BONVU team. My shipment will arrive shortly and I can only recommend anyone to use BONVU for their US purchases.
    Greetings from the Allgaeu,
    PS: I am not related or friends with the people from BONVU.


  • Many thanks, item arrived today.
    Perfect and wonderful service!
    Best regards to USA,


  • Hi there,
    Terrible sorry for the delay, I love your service!
    Best regards from Germany


  • Thank You very much! I will test it as soon as possible
    and I am also looking forward to do business with You.
    I can already make one statement: Excellent support!
    With kind regards and greetings,


  • Hello Bonvu-Team!
    I want to thank you very much for your services! My mixer which I was able to save Euro 1000 (!!!) on through you has arrived! And that already after it left the US only 3 days ago – unbelievable! As agreed, everything was “inspected”. I never thought that this would work so well. You have saved me a lot of pain and money!
    Keep it up – BONVU rocks!!!


  • Hello dear Bonvu team,
    I just wanted to thank you for the very reliable and fast service you provided me during the past months.
    I have already recommended you here and I am recommending Bonvu to anyone that needs this kind of service, I am very satisfied and will continue using your services anytime I need to make orders with an USA address.
    I only regret that I did not know you before !
    Wishing you all the best with your business !
    A happy customer from Switzerland


  • Thanks for that, I will pay it now and the other one should be there sometime next week - you guys have the best mail system - over here we may as well still be in the dark ages.
    Thanks also for all your assistance along the way - your customer service is outstanding.


  • Hello,
    Thank you very very much .
    Your service is great.
    Thanks a lot


  • Hello! Today, the package was delivered. Everything went fine and I only had to pay import sales tax in the amount of €12. I really appreciate your service, so thank you for everything! I will definitely use your service again.


  • After I asked Bonvu to Ship It!, one nicely repackaged consignment arrived at my door on time. Thank you Bonvu and keep up the good work!


  • I used bonvu a couple of months ago and I'm really satisfied with the prices and service. I will reccomend you on our expat circuit here in Switzerland.


  • I enjoy the fact that there is such a great Service like BONVU!!


  • Hello, package has arrived! Fast service, good prices. Excellent work! Thanks a lot!
    For that kind of service you're my no1 favorite!
    Go on like that,


  • Hello all, With this note I want to thank you for your excellent service at BONVU.
    My shipment has arrived without damage (optical equipment).
    The transfer time from BONVU to Frankfurt was 2.5 days – very fast.
    The shipment within Germany including customs processing including a weekend took 5 days.
    All in all I am very satisfied and can recommend BONVU to anyone who imports directly.
    The shipping cost of $353 for my 75kg shipment consisting of 4 separate packages was surprisingly low.
    This is why everyone should check whether or not it may be more cost efficient to process any USA purchases with BONVU. Often the shipment within the continental US is free or at least very low which makes the short detour via BONVU worthwhile.
    From now on, BONVU is my first address for me.
    Many thanks,


  • Hello BONVU Team,
    I have now received the first shipment and I am excited. Straight forward processing of the package forwarding, acceptable price, fast customs processing and shipment. Thank you very much. Will be back soon!
    Kind regards,


  • Hello BONVU Team,
    Today the package arrived, TOP professional service!, fast, good, reliable, many thanks! I recommend BONVU to anyone.
    Nice weekend,


  • Dear Bonvu Team,
    Yesterday I've received my parcel.
    I'm very glad about your valuable service and I will surely promote it
    to my friends!
    Thanks again and I'm sure I'm coming back:-)


  • Many thanks for your answer, your service is simply great. Thanks.


  • hi there,
    my package just arrived (hadn't expected anything anymore this time of day, it's already 6:30 pm).
    Thanks so much - everything looks good, customs worked, shipping was extremely fast.
    And now I have my christmas present ready just in time - excellent service!
    Thanks so much!
    I'll keep using your service in future shipments again!
    Have a nice christmas and happy holidays!


  • Hello, the shipment has arrived today. Worked great, big thumbs up. I am very satisfied. I will recommend you. Happy Holidays to all of you.

    Regards Sascha

  • yes, everything turned out fine, we received the missing package even before Xmas. Thanks to bonvu and I keep on spreading the word that you're premier league over here.


  • Hello, I am now sitting in my wonderful lounge chair which arrived today. After I read your message below can I now enjoy my new purchase. I thank you very much for your efforts.


  • I can only confirm! A service which can’t be any better. Great service!


  • hello bonvu,
    many thanks for you very good services.
    the items are arrived.
    greets & have nice day.
    .....see you soon.


  • Hi, This morning I received my Nexus One with FedEx in The Netherlands.
    I would like to thank you for the great support and service.
    Thanks again and have a good weekend!
    With kind regards,


  • Hello BONVU Team,
    I want to thank you for the fast and most importantly very competent shipment of my goods. The items arrived in perfect condition at my home. I will gladly use your service also in the future for further shipments and can recommend you therefore to others with a good conscience.
    With best regards from Germany,


  • Hello, I wanted to thank you with this note for your top service and fast shipment!
    I hope we can stay in touch for future orders! The next order will come soon ;)
    Thanks and Greetings


    Wish you a nice weekend

  • Hello Bonvu,
    I want to thank you for the quick service! I received the Nexus One last week.
    Nice packaging and nice updates.
    Thanks again, next time I need your service I know how to find you :)


  • Hello,
    I wanted to thank you for your fast and good service. I will recommend BONVU to my friends. This is definitely not the last time that I have used your service.


  • Hello BONVU Team,
    I wanted to thank you very much for the excellent organization and the shipping of my ice-hockey items. Everything worked great and with 9 days of transit also very fast. We will most definitely use you again. Even with the shipping it is still lucrative to order these kind of items directly in the USA.
    Again thank you very much – I will gladly recommend your service
    Best regards,


  • Hello BONVU.COM
    Today I was finally able to receive my long awaited item (Corvette Sign)! Everything worked flawlessly! Thank you very much for forwarding to Switzerland! If needed, I will most definitely use your great service again! Your staff is very helpful and friendly.
    Thank you again!
    Greetings to the USA


  • Dear Bonvu Team,
    Just a short note to let you know that my package safely arrived. I am very happy with the way you handled my order and I will certainly use your services again soon.
    Thanks & best regards,


  • Hello BONVU team,
    thanks a lot for yout fine sevice: secure packages, quick shipment, best prices.
    The shipment by BONVU.COM worked perfectly: No problems at customs office and delivery. Highly recommended!
    Thanks for all and best regards


  • Hello, the snowblower is arrived, and works great, thank you very much for the great service and the fast shipping.
    Greetings from snowy Germany


  • Today I received a christmas parcel from you. What a nice surprise! Thank you very much!
    Also thank you for your very reliable and efficient service
    Have a nice holiday season,
    Best regards,


  • Hello Bonvu Team
    I'd like to say thank you for an excellent service in 2010 and for the lovely gift shipped from Austria. I wish you a happy Christmas time.
    Happy Holidays


  • Hello Bonvu Team
    First of all thank you very much, everything worked wonderful.
    Kind regards from Germany and not to forget, Merry Christmas to the entire BONVU Team!


  • I wish you Merry Christmas and a successful and most of all healthy New Year for each and everyone in your team. You are worth your money – I have never received my items this quick and inexpensively from America. Thank you – keep it up.


  • Hi. I have ordered a few things in USA. I used my BONVU address as ship-to. One seller didn’t recognize the address of BONVU. I forwarded the contact info of the seller to BONVU and asked for clarification. 100%! They called the seller und took care of everything. First class service!
    The site and “My Account” are very straight forward. The language can be selected. Easy to operate. The prices are fair, the processing and service are perfect!
    Highly recommended


  • Hi. My most recent experiences. Since I wasn’t sure about the entire process, Address, Shipment, Customs, etc., I wanted to gain my own experience. I therefore ordered a large “smoke-tinted high profile superguard wraparound deflector” at JC Whitney and one “Kool Vue Chevrolet Tahoe Mirror Glass” item number CV49GL, at Auto Parts Warehouse.
    Everyhing was shipped to me on Jan. 7th and arrived safely and undamaged today. It was shipped with FedEx (I assume that customs fees will be invoiced separately by FedEx).
    The shipment cost was $115. BONVU consolidated the shipments and put the mirror glass in with the deflector shield which saved money.
    All in all a absolutely convincing and professional processing by BONVU!
    With a grouped order, there is quite some responsibility with the buyer. One must deal with customs and shipment forwarding. BONVU ships the items to a previously stored ship-to address, i.e. the ship-to address of the person who orders the items. To keep it all manageable, I would group orders for no more than 2 people.


  • Hello dear Bonvu Team
    I am much too late but again many thanks. Everything worked perfect and the item was quickly forwarded to us. I am already thinking about the next order :-). Thank you very much!
    Greetings from Switzerland,


  • Ladies and Gentlemen,the package arrived yesterday. Thank you for your excellent service and your really low prices.
    Every time I send a package with you again.
    Yours faithfully


  • Hi, thanks for the great service. The products were carefully repacked and arrived safely. I've been helping friends purchase items from Japan as well so if you have any need for gadgets, manga, etc. here, just let me know.
    Best regards,


  • Hello I have to give some praise for the company BONVU, everything worked flawlessly.
    With friendly regards,


  • Hello! Give your big boss a big "thank you".
    Good price-easy order - fast email answer - perfect company...

    Thanks Lukas

  • Dear Bonvu Team
    I want to thank you very much. I didn’t realize that ordering in the USA can be so much fun – with your help. I have ordered earlier in the US but it never worked so well. For my next order, I will use your service again.
    Many greetings from Germany


  • To the BONVU Team,
    Thank you very much to the team for this very good cooperation.
    It isn’t easy to get car parts (oldtimer spare parts) from 5 different companies and from EBAY with a total weight of 440lbs (about 200kg) from America to Germany. Several hundred parts have all arrived safely, quickly and without damage, thanks to BONVU packaging and BONVU logistics.
    The price for shipping was super. If I had shipped directly from the suppliers, I would have paid a multiple in shipping cost. I am currently restoring a US old-timer car.
    A great team – highly recommended. Thank you.
    Thank you for your support


  • Hi Bonvu-Team,
    the first order I made was finished perfectly!
    Thanks a lot for your quick treatment and shipping and for the excellent service!
    I already made the next order which should arrive soon in your P.O.


  • Thanks to my great friend Dan (jdandy), my wife got her new Eames Lounge chair today from Herman Miller! Dan found us a great company.
    If you live outside the US, you cannot buy anything from Herman Miller USA.
    You have to buy the goods in your own country.
    The Eames original lounge chair and Ottoman is 8000 euros in France versus 4000 dollars in the US.
    I asked Dan about it, and the Wise Man found us this :
    A great company ( Thank you Marsha ! ) who deals with us, non us residents, who want to buy goods from US companies who don't ship outside USA.
    Goods are shipped to your name at Bonvu in Texas. And then, Bonvu ships the goods to you. You save on international shipping because Bonvu has good deals on that.
    The chair is the ultimate relaxation chair.
    Not only it looks terrific, but you truly feel like a King inside.
    I would love to hear my music in this one !
    My wife dreamed of such a chair for a very long time, and thanks to Dan and Bonvu, her dream just came true.
    In a month, we made our duty towards the US economy: I just ordered an ARC Ref Phono 2, my wife got her Eames chair and I'm about to order a MCD1100 ( I got a fair trade in for my MDA1000 from my dealer) !! Now I just have to buy a Cadillac and I will be a good candidate for the amercian citizenship!


  • Thank you very much for your service!
    I will recommend it to my people.
    Kind Regards,


  • Hi Guys, who ever is running your guys are great !! Everything went fast,smooth,with easy and good communication..fabulous !!!
    We will be doing business in the future and recommend your company 2 everybody I know.
    Thanks again for being easy and not 2 business-type..


  • For the second time – perfect delivery. You are responsible that I have lost my fear for US purchases. I recommend you wherever I can.
    Greetings from Germany


  • Just want to say thank you for your fast and uncomplicated service! I will increase doing business with you a lot in the next months.


  • Good day
    The payment will go out today via bank transfer
    Thank you very much for your great service


  • Thanks for your good work.
    Today I received the Jack Link's BEEF JERKY's. Our youngest son Sebastian is a fan of BEEF JERKY ! He's very happy. Many thanks, vielen Dank.


  • Yesterday, we got the Tektronix 492. Thank you for the good job again.
    Best regards


  • The package arrived the day before yesterday.
    I have received a recommendation of your service.


  • The packages arrived yesterday and I`m very happy. The customs also accepted the proforma invoices.
    THANK YOU for your great service.
    THANK YOU for your perfect repackaging
    THANK YOU for the proforma invoices
    Greetings to Texas


  • Thank you very much for your answer.
    The package arrived today, your service is truely exceptional!


  • Paket arrived yesterday.
    Thank you very much for your excellent service.
    I will recommend your company to my friends.


  • Hallo, Thank you. I received the package today from customs. The items were very well packaged and I am completely satisfied.
    I want to thank you - until the next time.


  • Hello, I can only recommend this company. I have had several US sellers who didn't want to ship to Europe ship their packages there. They are processing everything quickly, correctly and for a reasonable price. He is Austrian, his wife is American. You can pay via a bank connection in Austria.


  • I have used their service twice by now (from USA to Germany) and cannot report anything bad. Although the web based system to manage your shipments needs quite a bit of development but their customer service is very responsive if there are any issues. And most importantly: BONVU is not a shady “take all your money” type of forwarder like some other ones.

  • Hello and good morning in Texas.
    The shipment has arrived and everthing is OK and thx for the great Service. I will recomend your company to all others that are thinking of buying goods in the US.
    Again many many thx and have a wonderfull day.
    Cheers from a very happy customer


  • I need more of these items in the future and first I tested your sevice with my private account and you make your job very well.


  • many thanks for the help in the mean time.. - you have a really great service - will tell it around !!kind regards


  • Thank you so much for your fast and great service! I wish we would have such a great service in Germany.
    Have a nice day


  • Hello to Texas!
    I am very pleased with your service.
    Greetings from Northern Germany


  • I really enjoyed dealing with you and I'm very grateful for the kind way you treated all things.
    I also wanted to let you know (in a more personal way than just clicking the button "Shipment arrived" on your website) that the shipment has just arrived!
    Apparently I didn't even have to pay for customs - lucky me! :-)
    I am still very satisfied with your services and will recommend you to whoever I meet who might need them.


  • Thank you so much for your great service


  • Hi Bonvu team,
    just want to say thanks to your great service and support Team.
    I think that Bonvu united all positiv qualitis of America and the brother states Austria and Germany.
    Support service and exactingness
    Thanks again


  • Dear BONVU-Team,
    Thank you very much for storing, repackaging and shipping, etc. … (see below).Everything went really well, thank you.
    With best regards from cold Berlin,


  • Hello BONVU Team,
    I wanted to thank you for the excellent and fast Service. The Jackson SL1 Guitar I ordered arrived today.
    Greetings to Texas,


  • Hello BONVU.COM Team
    This service has really been great.
    I will recommend you to others


  • Hi, the Paket arrived today and I want to say that I'm very satisfied about the service of BonVu.
    In Germany it's impossible to buy clothes as cheap as I get them in the USA.
    I payed about 190,- € for clothes which cost almost 430,- € in Germany.
    And the BonVu Team makes it possible with its great service.
    Greetings from Germany


  • Thanks for providing such a great service!


  • You purchased for me at the Yeticycle Store. Today, the shipment arrived! Much faster than I thought – I am almost speechless!!!Thank you very much for the fast responses via e-mail and the processing of the purchase. Your service is very recommendable!


  • Hi Guys,
    Just a note to wish you lots of business in 2009 and to let you know that my package arrived safe and sound. Packing was excellent and nothing was damaged. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I'll be back when I need more forwarding.


  • Hello kind Bonvu Team,
    Thank you very much for your help, willingness and for your cooperation with me. I wish you a very nice day and many working– success.
    With best regards


  • While I'm writing you: Great job on my first forwarding back in December! :) Your service is really awesome.


  • Thank you very much for your excellent and reliable Service! Keep it up!
    With best regards


  • Thank you for your support and help! I spoke to a collector friend of mine yesterday and maybe he will use your service in the future too.


  • all boxes arrived today, faster then I expected and FedEx displayed online, good Job!
    Thanks a lot,


  • Hello dear BONVU Team.
    Now we can send big kudos to you. Your service is top notch and reliable. Finally there is the possibility to shop across the big pond without trouble with customs and shipping. We wish you lots of success with your business and more packages will be coming soon.
    Greetings Fam. P.
    By the way: Of course we are recommending you guys.


  • Dear BONVU-Team
    I am using your service for the first time and I am excited. Up until now everything has worked perfectly. I hope that shipping and customs will also work this well and want to thank you already. You have gained another loyal customer.


  • Hi Bonvu!
    Thanks a lot for your perfect support. My item arrived today and i am very happy with it :-) Till next time!
    Best regards,


  • my parcel arrived last Friday in best condition.
    Thank you very very much for the top packing, the devices where packed very well, no problems and no damages!
    with kindly regards,


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