Bonvu Services

Service and benefits offered to BONVU customers.

Shipment Consolidation

Combine several shipments or purchases into a single shipment for reduced international shipping costs.

Shipment Repackaging

Shipments can be repackaged into the best fit packaging for reduced shipping costs and optimal protection of purchases or goods.

International Shipment Relaying

Sellers unwilling to ship internationally, can send purchases to the BONVU warehouse. BONVU will then relay the shipment anywhere in the world.

Shipment Inspection

For an added fee, BONVU will inspect the condition of the shipment(s) both inside and out, to ensure the shipment is in the condition that it was purchased in.

Carrier Selection

BONVU currently offers rates from FedEx, DHL, UPS and USPS. This is ideal for small to large packages, rates vary per size of shipments and carrier. For extra large shipments, learn about Freight Options.


BONVU will prepare customs documents and invoices based on the information provided with each incoming shipment created.

Item Storage

First 30 days of storage is free, for each incoming shipment received! After the initial 30 days, storage fees are calculated per day and per cubic foot or meter.

Payment Processing

BONVU offers a variety of safe and secure payment options via credit card, PayPal or local Bank Transfer. We also offer help with making payments to US based sellers that do not accept foreign payments. Learn about BONVU’s Shopping Service.


Please review BONVU’s Pricing and Get a free shipping quote with the BONVU Shipping Calculator.


Go ahead and shop! Enter the “New Shipment” in your BONVU.COM account and have your items shipped to BONVU.COM’s US address and we will take it from there.

BONVU Your Name
236 Trademark St
Buda, TX 78610
Phone: +1 512 351 1588

****** If this shipping address is not accepted by the seller for some reason, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will provide instructions or an alternate shipping address. Often times the reason is that the billing and shipping addresses do not match - add BONVU.COM’s address as an “alternate” address to your credit card. *** For Ebay, leave the phone number field blank.

Once registered, you are ready to shop! With every purchase or shipping confirmation, login to your BONVU account to create a “New Incoming Shipment”