BONVU FAQs - How does Bonvu work? - What is Bonvu?






What is BONVU.COM?
BONVU.COM is an internet based shipment consolidation and forwarding service which also offers many other logistical services. It enables shopping in the US for people anywhere in the world. BONVU.COM handles the consolidation of shipments by unpacking and repacking them. It also offers a variety of additional services such as item inspection, item storage, shipment insurance, shipping and customs formalities required by the destination country, payment processing, foreign currency transactions and more.

How does BONVU.COM work?
To use BONVU.COM the following steps are necessary:
• Use regular means to purchase your items. For example EBAY.
• Specify BONVU.COM’s address as the “Ship To” address for the product
• Log on to BONVU.COM and provide the Shipment Info in the “My Account” section
• Specify the type of services you would like
Once ready to receive the consolidated shipment, just log on again and select the items you would like to have shipped

What can I save by using BONVU.COM?
The amount of savings you can achieve by using BONVU.COM depends on the number of shipments you are consolidating and the shipping service you select.
If you only have one item, there may not be any savings. The more items you consolidate, the more you will save. Standard shipping rates from providers such as DHL, UPS and FedEx are discounted over 60% for international shipments!
In addition, there are many advantages such as appropriate customs documents, shipment insurance, shipment inspection, storage, payment support, etc.

Can I use BONVU.COM if the seller doesn’t want to ship overseas?
Absolutely. This is very common.
Many sellers on EBAY and other sites are only shipping within their home country or region. In that case, the BONVU.COM service enables overseas customers to purchase the items anyways. BONVU.COM even offers a purchasing service in case the seller requires a domestic form of payment (credit card, check, etc.). Details can be found under International Shopping Service.

Can BONVU.COM help me with payment for items I want to buy?
Many sellers don't accept credit cards from overseas. Also, PayPal is a common way to pay. Direct bank transfers are not common. BONVU.COM can assist you in paying for your items:
Details can be found under International Shopping Service .

How can I pay for items I buy in the United States?
That depends on the seller. Many sellers accept credit cards from overseas. Many accept PayPal. Some will require a domestic form of payment. If you can't pay the seller directly, BONVU can take care of it for you:
Details can be found under International Shopping Service .

How much are BONVU.COM's services?
Please find our full pricing overview under the pricing section of our website.

Will BONVU.COM accept shipments from individuals as well as businesses?
Yes, BONVU.COM accepts shipments forwarded through any shipping company or the mail service.

How will I know when BONVU has received my items?
As soon as items are received at BONVU.COM, your online account is updated. You will receive an automated email from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as soon as this occurs.

When will BONVU.COM ship my items?
You trigger the shipments by logging into your account, selecting your desired items to be shipped and by clicking "Ship It“. We forward your items as soon as your payment is confirmed.

Do I have to become a member or pay a membership / monthly fee to use BONVU.COM?
No. There is no membership required. You use and pay for the service as needed.

Will BONVU.COM automatically consolidate my shipments? How about repackaging?
BONVU.COM consolidates and collects all your shipments until you log in and trigger the consolidated shipment to be forwarded to your home or office address. We will automatically repackage (for one item or more) whenever it will produce cost savings for you or when the packaging does not meet our high standards for international shipping.

Can I choose where my shipments will be sent to?
Yes. You can choose any ship-to address.

How can I pay for the shipping charges and the BONVU.COM service fee?
You can pay via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), PayPal or Euro bank transfer. There is no membership or monthly fee with BONVU.COM.

What can I do if the seller does not accept my foreign credit card?
You can contact your credit card company or bank and ask them to add the BONVU.COM address as an alternate ship-to address.
Alternatively, you can use our International Shopping Service: Details can be found under International Shopping Service .

Can you help if an EBAY seller will not accept my credit card but only check or PayPal?
Yes. We can pay for the item for you and you pay us via local bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.
Details can be found under International Shopping Service .

I have just purchased an item and asked the seller to ship it to BONVU.COM. What do I have to do next?
Login to your BONVU.COM account and enter the details of the "New Shipment". Once the item arrives at BONVU.COM, we will update the status to your account accordingly. Whenever you are ready to receive your item – maybe together with other items you have ordered – just login and select “S
hip It” to have your items repackaged and prepared for shipment.

Can friends or family use my account for shipments as well?
If you give them your permission by providing your secret password – then yes. But there is no need because accounts can be setup for free – there are no initial account or membership fees.

Do I need to give my credit card information to BONVU.COM?
No. We don’t need your credit card information unless you want to pay with credit card. In that case, it is processed through a credit card service so we don’t save your information.



Are all shipments to BONVU.COM going to be trackable?
Tracking of a shipment coming to BONVU.COM depends on the shipping service used by the seller. This is between the seller and you. If the seller ships with Fedex, UPS or DHL, the packages will be fully trackable. However, if the seller ships the package via USPS (Postal Service), tracking may or may not be included.

How do I specify the mailing address of BONVU.COM to the seller?
Every seller has slightly different ship-to fields. It is important that all address information is filled out correctly. In the name section, please include "BONVU.COM" and Your Name. Our street address is 4509 Hudson Bend Rd. Please find the complete BONVU.COM warehouse address under the Services section.

Can I have my US mail sent to me via BONVU.COM?
BONVU.COM is not a mail forwarding service. The purpose of BONVU.COM is to forward and consolidate packages prior to overseas delivery.

What couriers and shipping companies do you use to send my items? How long does it take?
BONVU.COM offers the choice of which courier you would like to use. You will receive rate quotes from USPS (US Mail), FEDEX, UPS and DHL. It’s your choice. All will include insurance coverage of your items (provided through the carrier and subject to the terms of the carrier). FEDEX, UPS and DHL include full tracking. USPS has only limited tracking.
Transit time is between 2 and 10 business days. USPS Priority is 6-10 business days; USPS Express, FEDEX Economy & UPS Expedited is 4-6 business days; FEDEX Priority, UPS Saver & DHL Priority is 2-4 business days.

How do I know which items are allowed to be shipped internationally?
That also depends on the destination country. The carriers restrict as to what they will ship and what not. More information on,, or Typically any combustible or flammable items, pressurized containers, hazardous materials, weapons, etc. are not allowed. You can always inquire about your specific at via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

How can I verify if the shipping charge is reasonable?
BONVU.COM passes on a large discount for DHL and FEDEX shipments. Discounts for USPS and UPS are relatively small. You can verify the rates by going directly on the respective websites,, or



Do I need to request a special Invoice from the seller or will BONVU.COM issue the necessary invoice?
In order to ship something into a foreign country, the shipment has to meet the formal requirements for the exporting country (export declaration) as well as the importing country (proforma invoice). BONVU.COM creates the necessary documents based on the information available in the shipment itself and based on the information you provide.

Do the shipping rates from BONVU.COM also include all customs fees and taxes? BONVU.COM only provides the cost information as supplied by the shipping service (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL) for door-to-door shipping and insurance of your items. Customs duty and import taxes are not included in our pricing but can be inquired about at your local customs office. In Europe, normally the import tax is similar to the VAT. Most items have very little or no customs duty.


How is my item described for the customs documents?
Your items are described by you when you enter the details of your "New Shipment" being shipped to us. To avoid questions at the customs office, your item description should be specific, clear and give the number of items in the package. If it is 2 used phones, bought on for example, you could describe it as "2 used and untested Nokia cell phones, model #: 57831 & 87694."

What is the customs value of my item(s)?
You will enter the value of each item in your account when you are ready to ship your package overseas. The value is usually the amount you have purchased the item for included any tax and shipping costs. The value you declare for each item will appear on the Invoice for Customs. This value declared should be reasonable for the item description to avoid any concerns or delays at the customs office.

When do I pay the import tax and customs duty?
These taxes and fees are collected at the time your shipment arrives in the destination country. They are paid by you, the importer/buyer, of the items.

How is the import tax and customs duty calculated?
The import tax is based on the item value that you declare on the Invoice for Customs that we include with the shipment. It is a percentage of the item value plus the shipping cost. In most European countries, this import tax is similar to the VAT. The customs duty is based on the item value. Many items are exempt from customs duty. Please contact your local customs office for specifics.