Whether you want to shop at Ebay, Amazon,, or your favorite specialty store, with Google you can find anything. Sellers, both private individuals and online stores, feel comfortable and safe to sell to us. With BONVU.COM international shopping service, buying goods from the USA is easy.

BONVU.COM enables this global online shopping by receiving, storing, consolidating and shipping to your doorstep, regardless of where you are in the world. Please click on the Customers page to learn more about the specific benefits of using BONVU.COM for your US online shopping needs.

Our International Shopping Service:

BONVU.COM offers a Purchasing Service to place orders with sellers and make US based payments. This is especially helpful when the seller does not accept orders from international customers, accept foreign payments or ship internationally.

A few simple steps is all it takes to purchase the items you want.


  • Provide the item details online (for one or many sellers)

  • Make an initial deposit payment

  • BONVU.COM places the orders and receives the items

  • Follow the shipping process from BONVU.COM to your address


Our service fee is 3% of the total price (minimum $15). There is also a 4% transaction fee to cover the international conversion fees/PayPal fees/other transactions costs. Also included in the cost is the price of the items, seller's shipping (if any) and seller's sales tax (if any). The deposit can be made via Credit Card, Bank Transfer (Euro or US$) or PayPal. Any funds remaining or funds due after the order is placed will go towards the international shipping.

The deposit does not include the shipping cost to your home country and our forwarding service fee, see our Pricing page. Exact shipping cost will be determined once the item arrives at BONVU and you select a specific carrier. To determine international shipping rates, please use our Shipping Calculator.


Orders are placed the same day the deposit is received, when possible.


If the order is not completed for some reason, we will issue a full refund minus the PayPal / credit card transaction costs. We will help with returns.