New Service - Order Fulfillment


BONVU offers now also Order Fulfillment besides Package Forwarding

New web presence with unique service for international companies to do business in America: Order Fulfillment and Package Forwarding.

Logistics-pro BONVU.COM has a new website with additional services for its customers. Companies and individuals from Europe and elsewhere who want to distribute their products in the United States, for example, on EBAY.COM, AMAZON.COM or through their own website, have in many cases been unsuccessful due to excessive shipping cost from overseas to the US. The new solution provided by BONVU handles all aspects of product distribution in USA. Products or spare parts are being stored in bulk at BONVU’s warehouse facility. When customers order online, the items are being shipped quickly, reliably and inexpensively directly from the Texas warehouse to the recipient. In addition, BONVU also offers phone customer service, computer and IT implementation, support with financial transactions or payment acceptance, and more.

BONVU.COM, based in Austin, TX, has identified an unmet need in the transportation and logistics industry and offers package forwarding and mail forwarding from the US. Shoppers from all over the world register at BONVU, purchase the items they want online or use BONVU’s Personal Shopper service and have them shipped to BONVU’s warehouse in Texas. BONVU collects and consolidates the various shipments and forwards them quickly, safely and inexpensively – via DHL, FedEx, UPS or Postal Service directly to the customer’s doorsteps. With BONVU, one can buy US products which are not or not yet available elsewhere in the world. The newly added BONVU fulfillment service turns tables and allows international sellers to do business in the United States effectively.

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