Online Shopping in USA


What is being purchased? The strong Euro drives shopping in USA.

The unusually high Euro exchange rate has converted the United States into a shopping paradise for people and businesses from all around the world. BONVU.COM, a US based package forwarder who collects and ships items globally has analyzed its customer data to determine the ten most desirable items people buy in the US.

“We were very surprised by these results“, comments Regina Ruhmer, CEO of BONVU.COM; “We had no idea that musical instruments, hobby items and collectors‘ items from the United States are in such high demand globally. The top 4 on the list do correspond with our expectations though”. BONVU.COM is an internet based service to allow people and businesses from all over the world to shop in the USA and to have their items inexpensively, quickly and safely shipped directly to their doorsteps. Global shopping is even possible if the seller doesn’t accept foreign credit cards or refuses to ship his items internationally. BONVU consolidates the items at its warehouse in Texas, inspects, re-packages, insures and ships. The customer determines the specifics. Customs and import documents are being automatically prepared based on information entered by the customer. This enables a quick and inexpensive customs clearance of the items. The business and customer analysis further showed that about 45% of all US shoppers who use BONVU.COM are small businesses. Too small to justify direct imports on a large scale but big enough to take advantage of the huge price advantages the United States has to offer. A newly created “Specials Department” is designed to cater to the specific needs of those small businesses.

BONVU.COM Management Board from left: Wilhelm Haghofer & Dr. Josef Mayboeck (Advisory Board), Robert McGee (Consultant), Franz Haghofer, Regina Ruhmer & Klaus Ruhmer (Founders)